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Founded in 2008 and initially located in Brooklyn, the Muriel Guépin Gallery moved to the Lower East Side in 2013 and to Soho in 2018.

The gallery represents both established and emerging artists and displays a variety of works and mediums with a special interest for artists who embrace new technology and innovative art practices. 

Our clientele ranges from individuals who are beginning to make their first art purchases, to more mature and institutional collectors who appreciate our “eye” for new talents.

The Muriel Guépin Gallery‘s ambition is to be a reference for viewing art of exceptional quality and more precisely to be a pioneer in encouraging the use of new technology in art.

Muriel Guepin Gallery 

153 Lafayette street, 4th floor
NEW YORK, NY 10013


The gallery operates as a private space.

APPOINTMENTS are encouraged and can easily be made by emailing or calling the gallery. Appointments can be made out of regular business hours if needed.

Accessibility Statement

Muriel Guepin gallery is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for all individuals including individuals with disabilities even tough we are NOT a public space . We are continually working on our website to improve the user experience for everyone, and applying the relevant accessibility standards. For additional assistance or any accessibility concerns, please contact us at (347) 244-1052 or