Treasure Frey is an instinctual artist, working in the moment and within the rhythm of life around her. She is fascinated by the natural world and the people and things that flow through that space, observing and recording with color what she sees and senses.
Her recent work has become more minimal—elemental, but still using the color saturation -and focuses on relationships that mark her earlier, more illustrative work.

She brings new life to old forgotten things, and makes new things old, staining her paper with walnut ink and creating a subtle, antiquated paper quilt on which to display her observations and interpretation of human behavior. She is a collector of old things, revering their worn, imperfect, textures and uses these images in her art, creating new ‘found’ objects with each piece. She hopes to deliver the delight of finding a hidden, neglected or forgotten relic and recreating the mystery or surprise of a found artifact.
Treasure‘s works have been shown in galleries and national art fairs in Seattle, Brooklyn, Oakland, San Francisco, Florida, and Texas since receiving her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1997. She currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.