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Susanna Bauer’s leaf works pay homage to nature as well as holding up a mirror to the viewer. Mainly constructed with dry leaves and cotton yarn the pieces hold a fine balance of fragility and strength reflecting individual stories and connections.

Susanna Bauer uses what is small and fragile to express what is universal and enduring in our co-existence with each other and the natural world. 

She works with the everyday, inconspicuous details of our natural surroundings, found fallen leaves get surrounded with a skilfully created crocheted halo of cotton yarn, others are coaxed into finely constructed three-dimensional shapes while entire branches and leaves find a new life and expression. The work pays homage to nature as well as holding up a mirror to the viewer endeavouring to slow down and open eyes to the small detail and the preciousness of the world that surrounds us.

There is a fine balance in her work between fragility and strength; literally, when it comes to pulling a fine thread through a brittle leaf or thin dry piece of wood, but it can also be transferred to a wider context - the tenderness and tension in human connections, the transient yet enduring beauty of nature that can be found in the smallest detail, vulnerability and resilience reflecting nature as a whole or the stories of individual beings.

Susanna was born 1969 in Bavaria, Germany, but has lived in England since 1996.