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Samantha Bias’s current focus is sustainable art practice using organic materials in her photographic process.

Bias uses a method - Chlorophyll Process or Photosynthesis Photography, by the selective preservation in the chemistry of leaves to render lasting images.

The photographs are imprinted into the leaf leaving behind a ghostly image that can only be seen when placed upon a dark surface. These works, created during a dark time in the artists life reflects the search for light while walking through her shadows revealing the vulnerability and fragility that is usually hidden. Like a fingerprint, each leaf if different and tells its own story.

Bias has won over 30 awards in Best of Show, 1st place, 2nd,3rd, Honorable Mention and People’s choice awards in National and International Juried Exhibitions.

In 2020 Bias participated in her first Museum Solo Exhibition at the Shaker Historical Society in Ohio. Bias currently has a permanent work of art in PhotoMuse Photography Museum in Kerala, India.