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Nathalie Palomino is a French self-taught artist practicing pyrography on paper. Her perpetual quest for light and transparency in her works pushes her to multiply the perforations on the paper in a pointillist technique. Her perforated abstract artworks thus sparkle in the light, creating shadows and bringing the viewer into a world of contemplation and reverie.

Her favorite themes are directly linked to life and nature: cellular forms which are of an infinite variety, graphics induced by wind or water, meteorological phenomena such as cyclones. Through the practice of perforating, burning and embossing, she weakens the paper almost to the point of breaking.

What emerges from her intricate creations are representations mostly inspired by the micro and infinitely small life forms but which can also refer to the macro and broader astronomical configurations.

Nathalie Palomino is based in France and is represented by the Muriel Guépin Gallery in the US.