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Artist Statement:

"Through contemporary bronze and iron sculpture, I have achieved my own style, personal iconography and methodology. My universe includes symbolic elements: maps, globes, staircases, seas of methacrylate, books... The details of my characters present situations and frames that are to be read in depth and complicity, which allows me to capture abstract concepts, feelings, sensations and everything that flows inside my inner world.

Sometimes I try to transform everyday dilemmas into something beautiful: with a little artwork, that captures the beauty of a moment. I confess that a point of intrigue can be breathed in some of my sculptures. They show stories, dreams and illusions and I try to approach them subtly. The main character of my stories are very everyday elements and situations that show snapshots full of emotions and feelings of the journey of life: women taking their time to decide at a crossroads of their life, men enjoying their moments of relaxation, small pleasures, moments of pause, meditation, little epiphanies... Behind a precise description of reality, there is a meditated story, which each one can read his own way...

I develop theses creations on both, full bronze sculptures or a hang on the wall iron and bronze artworks. For the hang on the wall sculptures, I play with the shape of the iron that provides a context to the bronze figure. I also create hang in the wall sculptures based on iron bars with a more minimal appearance, this allows me to play with the space in the wall in order to provide a context that gives more relevance to the story.

I have unique influence from the fashion design world in the way I manage details and the origin of some of the iconography. I sculpt cold wax instead of warm in order to achieve it. The results are maps with detailed folds, cameras in action, swimsuits, contemporary shoes and suitcases that trigger experiences."