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My work, in a broad sense, explores personal memories through the mediums of sculpture, printmaking and video. More specifically, my work uses the metaphor of the cosmos and that of the landscape to represent my apprenticeship of folklore, culture, and ritual. I consciously draw from personal experience, contemporary Ikebana and design principles to shape the inner logic of the art I create. I am a practitioner of the ancient art of Ikebana, the constant search for the balanced relationship between the sky, the earth and man; a parallel to my own personal spiritual journey.

In my installations I work to disassemble and reassemble various materials such as vintage kimono and silk flowers. The intentional simplicity in materials and my process extends an invitation to the viewer to create a more individually owned internal memory, like a faded polaroid picture that recalls a certain time and place. The extremely vulnerable and fragile nature of my installations seeks a silent disruption of time, space and memory.

To end, my work seeks a dialogue between the past and the present. The perceptual gap between memory and loss of that memory has and continues to be an essential and necessary component of my visual construction.