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Lionel Pratt was born in 1972 in the Pyrenees region, France. As a self-made artist, he developed his creativity early, with a preference for technical drawing and letter painting. Driven by his passion for music, he constantly incorporates musical elements in his work. In the 1990’s, he became familiar with photography and serigraphy and met Dutch photographer Marcel Couwenberg with whom he worked for two years on street photography. But his enthusiasm for graphic design - which he will use later in his drawings and paintings- was really triggered by his meeting with Californian illustrator and graffiti artist Yem.

Always in pursuit of innovative techniques and elements, he began working with tea in 1999. This seemed to bring him back to the primary note, to the origins of sign. He then creates urban structures with vegetal consciousness, what we could define as a kind of urban utopia. He says about his works that they are “the scenery of a society tainted by regressive behaviors. Music seems to be the individual’s moral movement.”