Juan Carlos Arana is an urban contemporary artist based in Miami. His current collection of work focuses on Americans from as early as the eighteenth century. The work ranges from pencil drawings to oil and acrylic paintings on wood panels and found objects. While some of the art highlights the characters alone, other pieces have a more urban feel to them. His love of history has led him to the current collection. His characters are real people- someone’s ancestors who had a story to tell. These people worked during the years of harsh child labor, and lived through the Depression and Dust Bowl.

Juan Carlos Arana is an artist who is inspired by people. Over the years, his work has evolved from personal storytelling through silhouette paintings, to painting loved performers like Charlie Chaplin on metal drawers found throughout his hometown, to now- the reanimation of real people lost in time. JC’s artistic evolution can be linked to his own story. His exploration of his own memories created a desire to explore the lives of forgotten people and time.