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Evan Venegas (b. 1975) studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and earned his BFA in Painting in 1998. Evan’s work represents the process by which he interprets the complexities of his surroundings. While systematically deconstructing the world into simple, overlapping shapes, he simultaneously reconfigures a new, greater whole that is both more legible and beautiful. Evan works primarily in watercolor, a delicate medium through which he is best able to convey subtle meaning in every intricacy and inconsistency in each circle and light wash of color.


Evan’s series Day Maps is inspired by the birth of his daughter. The process begins with organizing and attributing different values to certain tasks, events, and other “emotional” data. He then translates these values into circles of varying colors and sizes, which represent balancing elements in his life. The circles become continually spontaneous and reactionary, similar to how one idea may set off an emotion, which then sparks something else, throughout the day.


His work has been shown in galleries both in the East and West costs and is various private collections as well as institutional ones. Evan currently lives in Ridgewood, NY.