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Dana Piazza's creates drawings, full of the illusion of depth, movement, and three-dimensionality. His highly obsessive ink drawings on paper are built upon algorithms, a set of instructions that details how he will draw each series. Different algorithms and geometric patterns result in multiple drawing series that appear divergent but all of Piazza’s work is focused on explorations of chance, discovery and time. Unintentional changes in the mark are inevitable and create distorted and moving images that almost appear as 3D renderings


I make works in series according to predetermined recursive rules. I reuse the same rules over and over, changing a few variables with each iteration. 

The works are not planned out or sketched in advance. Each new mark is a repetition of the previous mark, but it’s also influenced by its surrounding marks, and there’s always a chance of human error. Once started, the work becomes a chain reaction, and it seems to have a mind of its own. 

The rules themselves are developed through trial and error, and are often based on a specific drawing tool and the type of mark that tool makes most naturally.