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Caroline Besse creates unique vibrant paintings on paper using crushed minerals that she carefully sources as pigments. Her paintings are then mounted on panels to create individual artworks or are applied directly on walls or wood panels to create unique accent in luxury homes.

Besse has invented a new language, mixing Western and Eastern techniques that she has learned over the years. Her perception of colors is influenced by Goethe and Steiner’s theories while her artistic practice is rooted into the Chan tradition which puts the body at the center of the inner and the outside worlds. She mixes Chinese ink with crushed minerals that she carefully applies onto Japanese paper to create unique luminescent and vibrant colorful composition. 

Since the beginning of her career, Caroline Besse has developed an eco-responsible approach and a deep concern for the raw materials she uses.
 The choice of natural materials - colors, binders, glues and papers - are consubstantial to her artistic approach.