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I desire to look very closely - as if through a microscope - at the work, the surface, the color and material. I paint on unprimed canvas and linen and build with layers of paint so that the changes in the surface can be seen.  The first layers soak right into the fibers of the surface and leave the texture of the weave exposed.  Gradually, as the painting progresses, the fabric of the canvas or linen is concealed by the layers of paint, and eventually is transformed into a smooth and velvety surface.

Edges fascinate me.  Using tape to create edges and boundaries of color seems like an exercise in precision.  But for me, I am excited by what is uncontrollable in the process – the paint that goes beyond a prescribed edge and bleeds out beyond my intention, a contradiction or rebellion within the work itself, a reminder of inevitable imperfections.  I love when the edge of paint is built up over time and that layering is exposed next to an area that is left with less paint.  The building up and leaving raw of the surface allows the viewer to see the process and marks the time involved with making each piece.

Color is at the root of these works.  It is very subjective but then again has an archetype: sky blue; mourning and black; blood red. But colors also trigger unique emotions from personal associations. I use color to reflect emotional transition, create contrast, elicit calm, and for the shear excitement and joy color is able to provide visually.