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The more I draw the more I want to draw, explore and discover. Geometry, chemistry and motion are the engines fueling my work and drawing is the foundation of everything I do including my photographic work.

The underpinning structure of my drawings, is a series of interconnected tetrahedrons inspired by Johannes Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion, Leonhard Euler’s polyhedron formula, and Buckminster Fuller’s nature coordination synergetics concept that tetrahedron is the basic building block of the universe.

The choice of using inks, photographic sensitizers and red wine (from different parts of the world) reflects my romance with living breathing organic materials and the potential of discovery.

Red wine is the principle medium in my work. I became fascinated with this organic pigment during a series of wine classes with Kevin Zraly in 1998 at Windows on the World on the 107th floor of 1 World Trade Center Tower.

I found out that tartaric acid in Vandyke sensitizer was an ingredient in wine and that wine was discovered and produced in the Zagros region of Iran around 6000-4000 BC. This was inspiring to me because I was born near the Zagros Mountains in Iran.

The visual appearance, color, luminosity and the aging process make red wine an exceptionally wondrous liquid pigment to use in drawings and paintings. The sheer experience of working with and seeing red wine come alive on paper, feels as if I am in paradise.