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The Mirage prints are a series of installations inhabited by digital animism. The litographs come to life when looked through a smart phone or a tablet after downloading a free app.

To see the animation on the print visit:

These litographs offer a delicate coincidence between the virtual and the material using augmented drawings and holographic illusions. They each offer a unique ensemble of improbable scenarios that take root in both the mirage and the miracle, and play with the boundaries between true and false, the animate and the inanimate, the authentic and the deceptive, the magical, the wondrous, and the indescriptible.

The company Adrien M & Claire B places its work in the field of digital arts since 2004.  Its creations are performances and exhibitions, that associate reality and virtuality. Its specificity is the custom-made development of its computing tools.  Among the artistic and technological stakes, the attention is focused on the human being and its body, by using contemporary tools in the service of a timeless poetry, developing and using a visual language based on game and pleasure as mediums of the imagination.